Paris Jazz, Bordeaux Bikes & Amalfi Coast Tips

Want some tips on where to listen to Jazz in Paris, how to appreciate Bordeaux while working off the cheese and wine with a bike tour or insider information on navigating the stunning (and delicious) Amalfi Coast with Australian celebrity chef Stefano Manfredi?

Here’s a taster…

Jazz in the City of Lights

Jazz and Paris have always been lovers. During the roaring twenties, flamboyant Americans creating the scene included clarinettist Sidney Bechet and singer/dancer Josephine Baker; in the 30s the Hot Club de France and Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt made wind.

Then there was the post WWII jazz boom with Miles Davis and friends in Saint Germaine. More recent influences came from the musically talented immigrants from North African, Africa and Eastern Europe on the right bank.

Jazz in Paris today has many flavours. Here are some of the addresses for the best places to catch a concert.

Bordeaux by Bike

While Bordeaux, in the South West of France, by the Garonne river, is grand and majestic, it’s also quite flat, which makes a bike ride a great way to discover the city. This tour starts at the Place de la Victoire and passes monuments, markets, churches and parks in what Stendhal called the most beautiful city in France.

The VCub public bikes are installed all over the city. You can pick one up with your credit card (it will take a deposit of 200 Euros that could several days to reimburse). The VCub app will indicate bike stands. Have fun!

Manfredi’s Culinary Guide To The Amalfi Coast

Singing fishermen, dazzling blue seas and truly delicious anchovies are just some of the delights of Italy’s Amalfi coast says Australian/Italian celebrity chef Stefano Manfredi. Back home in Sydney after a trip to shoot photos for his next cook book about pizza, Manfredi shares some of his favourite spots, dishes and drinks.

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