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My Muse… Paris

Intriguing Encounters with the International Artists of the World’s Most Romantic Cities

Series One –PARIS
Genre: Arts/Travel  Format: 20 x 5 minutes HD
Presenter: Ruby Boukabou   Director: Elise Mc Leod   Illustrator: Sarah Wilkins

Paris has long attracted writers, musicians, painters and cabaret performers from around the globe: Oscar Wilde, Earnest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Van Gough, Josephine Baker, Chet Baker, Jim Morrison: Who will be the next “grand artistes” inspired by the City of Light? ‘My Muse Paris’ is a scintillating behind-the-scenes voyage into the lives of passionate and talented international artists living and creating in the French capital. With a splash of history, lashing of artistic adventure and through the prism of a foreigner’s view, the programs will inspire, inform and delight.

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Ruby’s World

An innovative arts/ travel documentary series profiling Australian Creatives Abroad

Genre: Arts/ Travel  Format: 6 x 26 minute episodes HD
Presenter: Ruby Boukabou  Director: Elise Mc Leod  Illustrator: Sarah Wilkins   Click for Sizzle Reel Here 

Ruby’s World is a unique documentary program that, through a series of candid encounters with Australian creatives living abroad, blends arts and travel in a captivating cultural journey around the globe.

Why do so many Australians feel the need to venture abroad in order to realise their artistic aspirations? And what is it about being Australian that helps them succeed there? Ruby’s World will pose these questions while capturing the legendary Australian wanderlust and aesthetic spirit.

The vivacious and intrepid Ruby takes us backstage, on set and inside the art, homes and lives of Australian musicians, painters, dancers, filmmakers, writers and photographers, both renowned and emerging from a converted factory space in Cairo to a haunted old theatre in Paris. Against the vibrant backdrop of some of the world’s most glamorous locations, the series offers informal and intimate portraits of both well-known Australian artists and the next generation of James Morrisons, Tracey Moffatts and Barry Koskys. Ruby opens the window to audiences to discover the processes of the creation. Her extensive network of international creatives provide for a fascinating insider’s guide to the intriguing art scenes and less-travelled paths of famous cities such as Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, London, New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Cairo.

Ruby’s World will inspire some people to create and some to travel. For others, it will simply be the perfect vicarious adventure.

Meet me on Ile St Louis

A documentary following six successful Australian musicians living in The City of Lights

Alex Stuart Photo Christophe Brachet

Genre: Music/ Travel  Format 1 x 52 minutes HD

Presenter: Ruby Boukabou Director Elise Mc Leod

No trip to Paris is complete without taking in some jazz. But what passes today in the bars and basements that were the once stomping ground of Miles Davis, Billie Holliday and Sidney Bechet? How healthy is the scene and what does life as an international jazz musician in Paris in 2012/13 mean? In this documentary, six Australians firmly ensconced in the jazz network share their lives, stories and little black books.

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Tap Trance

A rhythmic documentary about tap dance and how the craze hit Barcelona

Genre: Arts/ Travel  Format: 1 x 26 mins HD

Presenter: Ruby Boukabou

Mention tap dance and most people’s eyes glaze with images of black and white movie replays of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly or maybe there’s a flash of Billie Elliot or a Tap Dog. But the rhythmic art form is experiencing a global resurgence   How do these people earn their living, why are they passionate for this American art form and where is tap at today? How does dancing tap physically and psychologically affect dancers? And why do audiences love it? During improvisation, what does it mean to be ‘in the zone’ and how does one get there?

Australian tap dancer and journalist Ruby Boukabou heads to Barcelona, the New York of Europe for tap dance and attends the annual Tap On Barcelona festival in July to film and interview the locals on the scene and  international stars of tap dance including master Roxane Butterfly and Spanish pioneer Guillem Alonso.

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My Couscous Cousins

Algerian Traditional Cuisine
An Algerian cooking show deliciously soaked in Travel

Presenter: Ruby Boukabou

Genre: Cuisine/ Travel  Format: 20 x 5 minutes HD

Over the past several years, Australian reporter and performer Ruby Boukabou has travelled to a small town in the east of Algeria to meet her extended family. In My Couscous Cousins, she returns with a professional film crew to learn about her rich cultural heritage via its traditional cuisine.
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